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Goya Kazumoto

A tear

A tear

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This photo was taken at Lake Inawashiro, Fukushima Prefecture.

In winter, the north wind blows strongly in this area, causing high waves and flooding the lakeside, which is frozen in the winter cold.

I was overwhelmed by the sight that I rarely see in Kyushu-based activities in an area called splash freezing.

We shot here for three days, but on this day there was no wind, which was rare, and we shot from noon to night. It melted and fell into the lake.

I was fascinated by the gentle ripples and sounds, and I was absorbed in working on it.

I've been traveling for many years, but I haven't had many moments of peace and comfort like this.

In this work, by combining it with a black frame, it is assumed that it will be a calm and gorgeous interior when it is matched with the room.

This work is limited to 10 points, and we are carrying out a project to revise the price by 20% each time it sells.

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