Thank you for visiting my homepage.
I think there are many people who are nice to meet you, so I will introduce myself briefly.

I grew up in a small town called Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, until I was in high school.
A personality that can't sit still since he was little. In other words, I was full of curiosity, interested in all things, had doubts, and complained about my complaints.
I didn't have any special talents or hobbies, so every day was boring and hopeless.
One day, when I became a high school student, a friend asked me to pick up a camera.
I was interested in photography since I was a child, but I hadn't been able to put it into practice. I decided to leave my hometown and enter the photography department of Kyushu Sangyo University.
After going on to college, he took photographs and exhibited his work not only in Kyushu, but all over Japan as his field.

Currently, I make a living by taking pictures as a freelance photographer and working as a photography assistant.
After graduating, I would like to know all over Japan and disseminate its charms as before, but I also want to expand my field to the whole earth and explore the region where I was born and the stars.
I am still immature and have repeated many failures and reflections, but I am steadily growing.
I don't have a lot of name recognition or money yet, but I'm sure I'll make those who are sincerely involved happy.
Thank you for your continued support.