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Goya Kazumoto



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Taken in Shirakawa-go, Gifu Prefecture.

Early February 2023.

Visit Shirakawa-go in winter, which I wanted to visit when heading from Tokyo to Fukuoka.

When I tried to shoot from the time when the brightness of the sunset remained, and arrived at the site, there were restrictions.

When I heard the story, the light-up event was held only on that day, and I could not enter the observatory.

After a long detour, I was at a loss. Listen to the unlocking time and reconstruct the schedule.

Kill time at a nearby hot spring and attack again in the middle of the night.

When I visited in the evening, the observatory was beautifully sunny, but at night it was shrouded in fog.

However, from the atmosphere of the road and my experience so far, this fog won't last forever. Believing that, set up the camera and wait.

It was terribly cold in Gifu Prefecture in winter, but I was moved by the gradually clearing fog and was able to forget the cold and take pictures.

The slight remaining fog was illuminated by the streetlights and glowed orange, creating a beautiful gradation with the blue of the night sky.

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